Molly is a lovely, good-natured lady of the uncertain age of 8ish-years-old, whose considerable charms quickly won over all of her new family members, starting with her parents, Kelly and Paul. Like her namesake, the Unsinkable Molly Bark, our Molly enjoys socializing, fine dining, and dabbling in the arts, and you will often find her gathered around the food bowls or lounging on the veranda catching up on the news of the day with her four-legged siblings.

Molly’s new parents report:  We saw Molly on the website and she just sounded like a great fit for our family. When we met her, we knew within minutes that she was the dog for us. Elway, our 12-year-old lab, approved of her too. We also have several cats, and within two days of bringing her home they were all comfortable with each other. In fact, the cats love her. One of them likes to lick her and she reciprocates. She has fit into our lives so effortlessly.

She loves to go on walks and she makes the cutest noises as we are out and about. She also loves the dog park and meeting other dogs. She only barks when she sees another dog. She is a very quiet girl but her big brother Elway makes up for that. He is trying to teach her all about barking at the mailman but she isn’t going for it. She enjoys sunning herself on the patio and she is quite the cuddle bug. We are all happier for having her in our lives.