After a rough start in life, seven-year-old Molly knew that her luck had finally changed when she met her forever family, which includes her new mom, Dawn, two teenage “kids”, and a couple of doggie siblings, “Crash” and “Mannix”. Life is grand in her new home, Miss Molly tells us, but when we asked her about other four-legged members of her new family, which also includes cats, two horses and three goats, all she could say was “good golly!”  This lucky girl now has a lifetime of love to look forward to and she will definitely never be lonely again.  Dawn tells us:

Molly New Beginnings
Molly is my 2nd lab from Safe Harbor and is such a delight.  It was decided that she would keep the name she came with since the poor girl had already had so much upheaval in her life. She has settled in nicely and wasted no time making sure my bed was fluffed and comfy for me. She is terrified of the cats and when she sees one, she freezes and looks away from the cat as if she is pretending to be a statue and of the mindset that if she doesn’t move or look, the cat cannot see her.  I believe the cats are secretly amused. The country life has been a whole new experience and she isn’t quite sure what to make of the horses and goats.  LOOOOOOVES her walks and especially loves belly rubs and snuggling. She isn’t a fetcher but will happily walk the neighborhood with a favorite soft toy in her mouth. I think she finally realizes she is home to stay.  She brings us great joy and we couldn’t be happier with her.