We received an update from a beautiful SHLR alumnus named Monty, who recently adopted Catherine and Michael as his new parents and wanted to tell his story in his own woofs: This is Monty and I wanted to give you an update on me since I changed my name from Talon to Montgomery. Monty is my nickname, but all of my new friends know me as Monty.

I found my forever home just in time! These people were seriously in need of rescue. I am the office dog, responsible for employee morale from 9 to 5 on weekdays in a busy elder law practice. Our employees are hardworking professionals who needed to have some stress relief. I provide therapeutic relief in the form of doggie affection on an ongoing basis throughout the day to a staff of two paralegals and one very busy receptionist. They cannot wait to see me when I arrive at work each day. Truth be told, I am pretty excited to see each and every one of them as well!

My mom and dad are a husband and wife law firm. They work long hours and I help them as well throughout the day. Mom in particular had gotten in the habit of working for long periods of time at her desk without getting up. I could see right away that she needed to learn to take a few walks during the workday, so I immediately implemented this practice with her.

I have set some goals for myself as part of the firm. I am working toward my AKC good citizen certification and my mom and dad and I are working with a personal trainer who is helping me achieve that goal. My trainer is Omnicanine and Michael and his partner Michelle come to the office to work with me and my folks during the workday.

Like all of us, I had a few bad habits and I am working to let go of them. I had a slight tendency to jump up when I greeted people, but working in an elder law firm, I had to learn to let that habit go, as some of our clients are frail and that could present problems. I am working on becoming better at walking on a leash. I still have a tendency to become really, really excited when I see other dogs. Michelle explained to my mom that this is not actually aggression, but just super puppy excitement. After all, I am just under fifteen months old, so I am still a puppy in a lot of ways. I am going to work on this, because it is probably the single biggest hurdle I have to face in passing the certification test. Still, mom and dad have got to have some patience. I am a really good dog, and they are asking a LOT of me.

I work in a 15- story office tower and I am trying to make as many friends as I can in the building. I am happy to see each and every one of my friends when I ride the elevators at work. Working fulltime can be tough. I keep a bed under mom’s desk for naps and I also have a couch in her office (which we share). I have attached a picture of me on my couch.

I met my new doctor, Dr. Conrad at Woodland Veterinary Clinic, after I spent my first night in my new home. I liked him and his staff right away. I am up to date on all the latest vaccinations and current on my heartworm medications. I am also getting to know the local trails in the Pike National Forest with my mom, who likes to run the trails. Until I can be a little calmer around other dogs, we are staying on more isolated trails. I have enjoyed several swims in North and South Catamount Reservoirs since I arrived.

Thank you Safe Harbor for helping me to rescue my mom and dad.