If you feel that there is something missing from your family, it may be time to adopt a Moose! That’s what Kelly did, although her Moose is actually a charming chocolate moose of a Lab. Moose joins nine-year-old black Lab, Miles (Safe Harbor Class of 2016), and these two have quickly become best buddies who happily share beds, couches, walks, Lab gossip, and, of course, their wonderful mom.

Moose’s new mom sent us an update on her boys: “Moose has completed the family! He is protective of his family, if he feels that Miles or myself are in danger he goes into protector mode. He is also amazing with the neighborhood kids. He just rolls over and gives his belly to be rubbed. He is loving the 5 miles of walks that we take daily, and the scale is proving it. I believe that I have gotten him below 80 lbs. He is moving a lot faster everyday wanting to go, go, go. He has helped Miles with his anxiety, and Miles has helped him with his feeling like he belongs here. The two of them share the bed nicely with each other and both like to take up the bed or couch so I have to find a space to sleep or sit around them.

Moose is a life-size teddy bear. He loves to cuddle and thinks that he is a lap dog, and I am not going to be the one to shatter his vision. He has a forever home with me and Miles I look forward to Miles & Moose growing old with me.”