Mosley_201605_250pxTwo-year-old Cecilia (now known as Mosley) was adopted by Jen, Justin, and their Dachshund, Murray. They couldn’t resist this little bundle of sunshine. Being small doesn’t seem to bother her much, she makes up for her size with her adventurous spirit. Usually the first one out the door when it’s time for a walk or hike, she loves exploring her new world. Miss Mosley seems to be the perfect fit for her new family!

Jen and Justin wanted to let us know how Mosley is doing:

Justin, Murray (our six year old dachshund,) and I are thrilled with our new pup, Mosley! She is the perfect addition to our family, as she loves to fetch, hike, or just relax, always being her sweet and playful self. Everyone who meets her cannot get over how cute, friendly, and tiny she is! Murray is so glad to have a younger, bigger sister to play with and help keep him active. We are so excited for warmer weather, and to see what great adventures we will have with Mosley this summer.