“It’s a jungle out there,” woofed Mowgli when we asked about his former life on the streets.  Those days have become a distant memory now that Mowgli has settled into a life full of love, fun, snuggles, outdoor adventures, good food and cushy dog beds with his new parents, Carey and Josh.  The best part for this gorgeous, sociable, 2.5-year-old youngster is being a part of a big happy family which also includes two wonderful kids and a Plott Hound mix sister, Tica.

Mowgli’s new parents tell us:

We adopted Mowgli (formerly Gordon) on April 9, 2019.  We were looking for a companion for our one- and-a-half-year-old dog, Tica.  I also wanted a running partner because poor little Tica was diagnosed with arthritis in her knees and tore a ligament in January, so she is not a runner.  After getting Gordon, my eleven-year-old daughter thought of the name Mowgli from the Jungle Book, as Gordon was a stray from Kansas so it was very fitting.  We love to call him Mowgli, Mo, Mo Go and a few other nicknames.

Mowgli loves attention and is very treat motivated, so he has been easy to train.  He is one of the happiest dogs we have ever had, and his whole rear end shakes so much when you arrive, have food, treats or get out the leash.  Mowgli’s favorite things are getting a belly rub, running or walking, camping, being around our family and lots of treats!  He has also helped improve Tica’s mood and energy as she seemed so lonely prior to having a companion.  The two of them love to play in the yard and love their freedom when we camp. 

We have never had a Lab before, but I now agree that they are one of the best family dogs around.  We are very grateful to Safe Harbor Lab Rescue for all they do to help find these dogs the best fitting homes.  It is so important to find the right animal for the right home otherwise it’s not going to work.  Safe Harbor has been amazing throughout the adoption process, and I am so thankful I found the website and “Gordon’s” description when I did.  He is the best fit for us and us for him!