The new year looks bright for Mr. B as he settles in with Aunt Bea and their mom, Les, who sent us this wonderful update on life with these beautiful B kids:  

Mr. B is my fourth Lab … they are such wonderful creatures. My last rescue, Annie (nick named “Baby Walrus” cuz she moved around like one), had cancer – I knew our days were numbered, but with any adopted love-bug, you always hope there are more than you usually get. She passed the first week of November, and a week later I went online to start the adoption process. I’m one of those people who love the geriatric fur babies … the oldies … the ones with special needs … the ones who need a little bit more understanding and love … the ones that might have just one short little chapter left in them. 

I lived on an island for the last eight years and a rescue Lab was hard to come by. After my second old lady rescue passed (Clara, big black Lab that came to me with charred legs – she been burned – it was awful), my next adoption took over 18 months (and I lucked out with Annie). Now being here and not wanting to wait that long this time, I put in my application, telling myself that it might take another long while for just the right dog to come along. However, once on the website, I saw Mr. B’s photo and knew he was destined to be mine. So, I got the proverbial ball rolling and roll it did! Four days later he was climbing into my car for the ride to his new forever home.  

Here’s his story … 

My name is Mr. B. A few weeks ago I came to live with my new mom and teeny-tiny little sister (a cute, 6 lb, 19 year old, toothless chihuahua named Aunt Bea). Mom thinks that’s funny that we are both named B/Bea. And, so far/so good. I didn’t know what my future life would look like when my old family’s circumstances changed and they had to give me up unexpectedly. As heartbreaking as it was for us all, I can now say I am doing really well and am so happy to be here in my new home with my new family. I have a big bed and love running around in my new backyard and omg … there are so many squirrels in our trees! It’s so exciting! The first day I ran out the back door after one of them and skidded across the snowy deck and ended up doing a somersault. Mom laughed and laughed at the face I made – I was so embarrassed! But I’m better at going from 0 to 60 now – lots of practice. Mom says I’m keeping those squirrels on their toes and bringing her much joy cuz I am so happy.  

The B in my name actually stands for Boss. But my new mom says the B is a good fit because it could stand for so many things … big-boned (I’m 86#), blonde (I’m a light/yellow Lab), and beautiful (because, well, I am!). But it could also stand for big (I’m tall), built and beefy (I’ve got a good stocky body and a great big head) and at 12 ½ years old, I’m still a real bouncy boy! However, I think the B might just stand for … beloved. Mom is so thrilled that I’m now “hers” and kisses and hugs me all the time! She’s training me to give kisses when I come in from outside, but she might want to stop if she knew what I was eating in the yard! She says I’ll get a nickname … her last dog was Baby Walrus … wonder what mine will be (B/Bigby-Big B/Biggs/Baby)?

Lucky for me I got to meet my human siblings who were visiting recently and they are great. I am especially fond of my brother and my sister’s big dog. We met and immediately started chasing around in the yard. We had so much fun! Then we had a party and everyone complimented me on my generosity and gifting skills. Whenever someone came in the house, I’d go to my toy basket (and man, do I have/love the toys!) and give them one … and then if no new person was coming in, I’d toss my stuffed Lambchop into the air. Everyone laughed and said I was the life of the party! Mom said I gave new meaning to the term “party animal.”

What can I say? I’m pretty content. Mom takes me on walks and gives me lots of loving, tummy rubs, body massages, yummy food and treats. I think I landed in a good spot! I heard her telling someone that she always wanted a BnB … and now her dream has come true cuz she has my little dog sister and me … Bea and B!