We adopted Mulligan and Bogey together on June 5, 2011. We had to say goodbye to Bogey on October 22, 2019. On January 23, 2021, Mulligan crossed the Rainbow Bridge to join him. We believe Mulligan was around 13 years old. We were so lucky to have almost 10 years with him. He was such a handsome black Lab.

Mulligan was the most athletic dog we had ever met. He loved catching a frisbee and a ball more than anything in the world. He would play fetch all day long, we played outside and inside, and he rarely missed a catch. As he aged, we had to teach him to take a time out, or he would play until he could barely move the next day. He never liked it when we told him to take a time out, but he would reluctantly go lay down. Sometimes he would try to come back just a few seconds later. He was extremely intelligent and learned things easily. He was a rule follower and tried to be a good role model for his brother who was always getting into mischief. Going to Cherry Creek Reservoir Dog Park was one of his favorite things to do. He loved chasing his tennis ball in the river. Swimming and retrieving, it was the perfect activity.

We were so fortunate to have one last epic road trip with him. Over our Thanksgiving break we drove to the Grand Canyon. We had no idea this would be our last trip together, but we knew he was aging and wouldn’t have many more. It was the perfect trip and he loved riding in the car and watching the landscape go by out the window. We watched the sunrise in the Grand Canyon together as a family. We will never forget it.

Our house is so empty now without Mulligan and Bogey, they were both so different and yet so perfect for us. We miss you so much Mully, you were such a great dog. We know you and Bogey are together again. We will see you again someday.