The talented Mr. Murphy has been very busy since joining his new family. He has been taking his new mom, Sue, on frequent walks and has summoned all of his considerable charms to win over his reluctant new Lab sister, Hershey. His two kitty siblings reportedly think he’s the cat’s meow and have adopted him as the leader of their kitty pack. As sweet as he is handsome, eight-year-old Murphy is winning hearts and turning heads wherever he goes, and he has definitely found a soft and happy place to land in his new forever home.

Murphy’s new mom tells us:  “Murphy has settled in very well with the family. Hershey, my other lab, was not very welcoming at first as she would prefer to be an only child, but now they enjoy playing in the backyard and walks. The cats (Mittens and Boots) have taken to Murphy and they hang out with him all the time – they follow him around the house and it’s so fun to watch. He is such a sweet happy dog, but look out when he starts wagging that tail – stuff goes flying.”

He is an amazingly awesome dog!