Beautiful Bear has found his happily forever after with Chris and Abbie, and now proudly answers to his new name of Murphy. Life couldn’t be much better for this lovable one-year-old Lab boy, as he wakes every morning and sniffs the fresh mountain air, excited to see what new adventures the days will bring. Whether he’s walking the trails or cuddling at home, Murphy tells us that every day is a good day with his fabulous new parents by his side.

Chris and Abbie tell us: We met Murphy on a snowy afternoon in late February. It was immediately clear that he had a lot of love of to give, and that he would fit into our family so well. We learned that he had some training, specifically as a hunting dog, but did not pass the hunting dog requirements. We now believe he is more interested in snuggling than hunting, and since we brought him home, he has earned the title of, “love sponge”.

Murphy is loving his new life in the mountains, his morning and afternoon walks, and is overjoyed by the recent snow! We are so glad to have Murphy.  Our family just wouldn’t be complete without him. Thank you Safe Harbor for bringing him into our lives!