Once you’ve been loved by a Lab, there is no turning back. After Ricky and Chris lost their beloved chocolate girl, Lucy, last January, they knew that when they were ready to bring another dog into their family it would definitely be another Lab. They recently came to Safe Harbor to find their next best friend and family member, and it wasn’t long before the pitter-patter of four-month-old Murphy’s oversized puppy paws could be heard around their Summit County home. One look at Murphy and it’s obvious that he is an irresistible mix between a gorgeous chocolate Lab and a teddy bear. With his glossy brown coat and wide-eyed innocence, along with a joyful smile and sweet, playful nature, young Murphy is chocolate puppy perfection.

Murphy’s new mom tells us: Murphy has launched himself into the center of our family and into our hearts. His sweet, steady gaze grabs anyone who looks at his handsome puppy face. At the same time, he is all boy and loves to wrestle with his boxes full of toys and with dogs of all sizes at our nearby dog park. Murphy also enjoys hikes on the mountain trails near our home and enthusiastically greets all dogs and humans we encounter. He is also beginning to show an aptitude for fetching tennis balls and happily dropping them at our feet. Murphy loves riding in the car, and we plan to soon take him on a trip with our travel trailer to our property in Southern Colorado and beyond for more fun and adventure.

We are so grateful to SHLR and Murphy’s foster parents for caring for and introducing him to our lives and easing his transition to his new home. He has already brought an abundance of joy, love and laughter to our family!