Ever since the delightful Ms. Myrtle found the home of her dreams with Barbara and Kenneth, she has been staying very busy keeping tabs on her new parents, cleaning the kitchen counters, and warming all available couches and hearts..

Barbara recently sent us an update on life with Myrtle:

Myrtle, a special-needs 8-year-old Chocolate Lab mix, found her forever home with us following the death of our beloved 16-year-old Sampson, a rescued yellow Lab. After having 5 teeth pulled, she has a goofy grin, on display here with her Mommy. Myrtle impressed us with her good manners in walking and meeting other dogs and people, her steadfast refusal to stay in any place where her parents were not immediately available, and her need for cuddles. She has also inspired us to keep our counters clear of any clutter that might be mistaken for food. Myrtle is truly the sweetest dog (by volume), having consumed most of a bag of sugar, along with a box of croissants, 2 banana bread loaves, and assorted other baked goods. Myrtle has made herself at home on our couch when we are gone (or she thinks we aren’t looking) and snores contentedly on the bedroom floor at night. Somewhere over the Rainbow Bridge, our Sampson is looking down and saying “Seriously?! “