I fostered labs with Safe Harbor for a while and then fostered Nacho when he was about two. When the people came to adopt him, he wouldn’t go with them. My husband said, “it looks like you’ve been adopted.” He was a devoted Retriever. I thought there was something wrong with him at first because we would go for walks and he would break low branches off trees and bring them to me to throw. He would pick up litter, like soda cans and bring to me to throw. I was a little slow on the uptake but finally realized we just always needed a ball. He would have been GREAT for search and rescue – such a nose.


As he got older he betrayed me a little and became so attached to my son. Well, I was good for the daytime, my son was good for the night time because they slept together in his bed. Even in his last days, when he couldn’t run anymore, he would retrieve a ball I’d throw a few feet. Everyone loved Nacho because he was sweet and well mannered and fun and loved everyone back.