NaNa and Jasmine are two lovely lady Labs of a certain age (well, nine-years-old if anyone’s counting) and they are living out their retirement dreams in their new forever home with Pat and Kerry.NaNa took a minute out of her busy holiday schedule to fill us in on the joys of their new family life:Hi, Everyone! NaNa reporting for Jasmine and myself.  Well, we can’t believe it’s been almost 6 weeks since we moved to our new “furever” home here in Greeley and we love it! We love our new “pawrents” and we know they love us!!!  How could they not???  Let me just tell you what our life is like here!We go for a walk every day to the nature park.  We both really like that and I am on the lookout for cats on our route.  Yup!!  I don’t like them and I need to keep the neighborhood safe from them.  I even make sure they don’t go into our backyard.I love to do “zoomies” in the backyard which make our “pawrents” laugh.  They tried playing ball with us and gave us toys to play with but neither of those things interests us.  They are really happy now because they found something that Jasmine really likes…..She likes to chase frisees!!  I do, too, but Jasmine won’t let me.  If I start to run after it, she gives me a signal to stop!  She claims the frisbee for herself!Another one of our favorite things to do is go to the bank with mom.  We go through the drive-up and they give each of us a milk bone!  It’s a great afternoon snack.Speaking of snacks, I think it was reported that our foster dad, Joe, lost a few burritos from his refrigerator.  Our foster mom, Marlene, heard about it and blocked her doors. Well, even though we get snacks in between meals Jasmine likes to do her own scouting out of snacks and a couple of weeks ago, mom was gone for a little bit and dad came out and found Jasmine in the middle of the kitchen floor, trying to open a container of cooked chicken breast that she had taken out of the refrigerator! Busted!!!  Dad was too quick and unfortunately, we never got to taste it.  Two days later, dad found the refrigerator door open again.  So now Jasmine’s raiding of the fridge has ended because our “pawrents” bought a baby lock for it.  No more extra midnight or early morning snacks for us!We really do like mealtime because we get a little homemade stew on top of our dry food and a few carrots at supper, too.  Then, we get homemade milk bones for dessert and our meds in cream cheese!  How can you resist such a spread?Inside our house we have beds everywhere and lots of blankets and pillows!  Jasmine loves pillows and mom covers her up with a blanket and she stays all snuggled up under it. Even our Aunt Cathy has made us special blankets to lounge on!  My favorite thing is the full body massages that dad gives me.  Jasmine gets jealous and has to have one, too.Well, I think that is all I have to report for now!  We’ll check in with you in a few months.  In the meantime, we hope you enjoy our Christmas photo.Love,NaNa and Jasmine