Naos is settling right in and enjoying family life with his new parents, William and Jane, and his new Lab brother, seven-year-old Rosco. The two boys are close in age and enjoying each other’s company, although it looks as if Naos has claimed dad’s lap for himself. Naos is a lively Lab who loves the outdoors and is always up for the next big adventure, but at the end of the day he is happy to hang out at home with his family close by.naos

William sent us an update on their new pup: Naos has been an absolute joy since coming to live with us. This is a very loving dog who loves to lay on my lap when my wife and I watch television. He loves going hiking and going for rides. He often sleeps with my other lab, a chocolate named Rosco. He follows instructions and is always eager to please. Hard to believe he is 8 years old since he runs around like a pup! My wife and I look forward to our days with Naos!!!!

Naos is pictured showing off his extraordinary lap dog skills; and playing bookends with his new brother and BFF, Rosco.