With the addition of ten-month-old chocolate Lab girl, Nelley, to their family, Carolyn and Mike have now sampled every flavor of Lab and found them all to be delightful. Young Nelley is busy growing, learning, and thriving in her new home as she gains confidence with every new day’s lessons and adventures.

Nelley’s new parents sent us an update on their girl:  When we decided to adopt a Lab from Safe Harbor, we were thrilled to get a beautiful chocolate Lab to follow our previous Labs, first black Prima and then yellow (Irish Cream) Zoey.

Welcoming a grown up puppy (Nelley is now a year old) provided challenges to us. She has a past we aren’t sure about. She’s very smart, sweet and loving, following us around the house and rolling over regularly for tummy rubs. Now that she’s learned the fun of playing fetch, we’re amazed at how she athletically leaps into the air and races for the ball.

She’s getting used to joining us on our Colorado adventures. She’s a bit timid so we’re taking it slowly, but the joy and love she brings us every day has fulfilled a void in our lives.