There’s been no shortage of puppy fun and cuddles around Susan and Don’s house ever since little Nellie moved in.  Nellie is a lovely Lab girl with a glossy black coat and soulful brown eyes, but she is much more than just another pretty face and would rather be known for her smarts and athletic achievements. With the help of her new parents, Nellie has proved to be a very clever and attentive student and is always ready for a chance to plump up her puppy resume or hone her ball playing skills.

Susan and Don tell us:

The first day of Autumn began with a long drive back to our old neighborhood in Denver to meet a three-month-old puppy called Ellie. We were excited to meet her with hope that she would be part of our family. It was instant puppy love and we named her “Nellie.”

Nellie has settled in nicely to small mountain town living. Learning quickly what it takes to be a true Colorado dog, she now knows what cows are and respectfully sits and watches them quietly, and they in turn come closer to the fence to do the same. Nellie has also experienced wildlife with the same quiet curiosity, and on occasion she will “point” in true Labrador fashion. Our girl is a cuddler but also LOVES playing in the snow so much at times she does not want to come in.

Nellie has gained some much-needed weight and her coat is shiny. We realized early on that she is very smart with lots of energy, so we started training her to keep her focused. In no time, Nellie could sit, speak (with an indoor bark), come, stay, high five, lay down, go to her bed, retrieve a ball — at 4 months old. We are so lucky Nellie is ours and we are hers.

Many thanks to Mimi for fostering little Nellie!