“I’m a girl who has it all,” woofed lovely five(ish)-year-old Nellie as she told us all about her new family which includes her parents, Lauren and Kevin, as well as two two-legged brothers to run and play with to her heart’s content. Just when she thought it couldn’t get any better, Nellie learned that her canine sister had moved in with her new mom’s mom and was living just a hop, skip, and a wag away!  Life is good for this very good girl and her fabulous extended forever family!

Nellie’s new parents report:

“Nellie has been an absolute dream from the second she came into our home! Quiet (but not shy, super loving and gentle, she’s just happy to be part of our ‘pack’!

“Our sons Reid and Finn are overjoyed to have a new ‘sibling’ and playmate. My mom, who lives close by, adopted Nellie’s sister-dog Blake and they’re elated every time they see each other.

“We’re working on teaching Nellie how to use the dog door that leads to her new favorite place, our fenced-in backyard. We’ve already been hiking and we take her on daily long walks in our neighborhood. She’s great on the leash, great meeting other dogs and people on our route!”

Many thanks to Ron and Terry for fostering Nelly and putting in a lot of travel time to help facilitate her adoption!