The new kid frolicking around Jayne and Mike’s home is the adorable Mr. Newman! Newman joined the family at about six months old, and this happy, handsome, fellow has been busy growing into his lanky puppy legs and keeping his new family amused ever since. Newman also has a teenage human brother and a five-year-old Golden sister at home, so there is always a playmate or snuggle buddy nearby.

Newman’s new parents tell us:

Newman entered our home and hearts on June 2, 2020. Newman and our Golden Retriever enjoy playing and it’s generally quite amusing to watch. Newman has so much personality and we only wish we could videotape some of his “Newmanisms.” When he relaxes, he lets out some pretty comical sighs and lies on the couch with his head hanging completely off. He often sounds like he’s snorting when his sniffer is in hyper-mode!

Newman loves his walks (often 3 per day, as he puts the energizer bunny to shame). In true Lab form, Newman will do anything for a treat. He loves to cuddle on the couch. He has found his forever home and we feel blessed to have such a sweet boy.