Jim, Barb, and Rocky told us the story of the three wishes that were granted when ten-month-old Nikki joined their family:

The Three Wishes

Rocky, the Golden Retriever: “My Golden Retriever friend Max got sick and went away in November.  I miss him. The neighbor’s black Lab Husker comes over to play, but he does not stay long. Although I can chase squirrels and birds on my two- acre back yard, I wish I had a friend to play with all of the time.”

Barb and Jim: “Since we lost Max, Rocky has been quiet.  He is seven years old and always had lots of energy.  He is ok – but something is missing.  Other dogs come over to play and for a while Rocky seems like his old self.  We wish we could find a new friend for him.”

Nikki (formerly known as Mabel): “I had a rough beginning to my young life before arriving at Safe Harbor. While I’ve met a lot of nice people here, I’m ready to settle into my very own home.  My wish is to find a family that will love me forever and hopefully include a dog buddy for me to run and play with.”

Barb and Jim found SHLR on the internet when we were looking for an older puppy to adopt.  Fortunately, we found Mabel.  After meeting Mabel with Rocky in May 2022, we decided to adopt her.  Her name is now Nikki.  Nikki learned our underground flagged fence in three days.  We took the flags down 11 days later and she has not escaped.  Nikki now has Rocky and a very large backyard with grass and trees and squirrels and birds.  She sleeps with us and Rocky. She tries to be a good dog, but she likes to chew a lot.

After eight weeks, Nikki trusts us more each day.  She does like her chew toys, and my wallet and key case too!  We are grateful to SHLR for helping us find Nikki and granting all of our wishes.”

Many thanks to Cathie O. for facilitating Nikki‘s adoption and helping her find the perfect forever family!