Steve and his senior Lab girl, Skylar, have welcomed a dapper silver-haired gent named Oakley into the family.  At about 5.5-years-old, Oakley is a happy and energetic Lab who is proving to be the perfect sidekick for his active, adventurous new dad.  These two guys will be enjoying a lot of hiking trails, beachfront strolls, and late-night campfire chats together as they explore every hill and dale and travel over the mountains to see what they can see. Steve writes:Oakley has been the third gift given to me by Safe Harbor. All of my dogs throughout my life have had things to teach me — humility, gratitude and acceptance among them. Oakley has so much love to give everyone that he meets. I am in awe of what he must have gone through changing families and yet be so resilient and trusting of me. He is happy all the time and just wants to be a part of my life, which is all I want from him. So, it works well for both of us…The past couple days we have had the opportunity to spend some time in the mountains of Colorado and the desert of Utah. While he has done his best to communicate with his coyote and fox cousins, he always returns to me wondering, “What was up with those guys…”Like most Labrador Retrievers, he needs to explore and exercise, and when he does he feels way better, just like me. Thanks to Sarah and Steve for fostering Mr. Oakley!