Odie — Skin Condition: Color Dilution Alopecia

There is no way around it, Odie’s skin and ears are a mess. Odie, who is about four years old was picked up as a neglected stray and transferred to us by a shelter partner for the extensive medical care he needs for his chronic skin and ear infections.

Odie is a “silver” Lab with a condition known as Color Dilution Alopecia. This is an inherited skin condition that can result from breeding for a “silver” color which is actually dilute chocolate coat. This inherited condition, caused by recessive genes, results in abnormal hair follicles. After about six months of age, gradual thinning of the hair occurs and may progress to hair loss. Skin infections are often seen.

Odie, who doesn’t have much of a hair coat these days, has never met a stranger and has a very joyful personality. He being seen by the CSU Dermatology Department and cared for by foster mom well versed in caring for dogs with challenging skin conditions.

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