It’s been raining puppies around Safe Harbor lately, and Hilary happily scooped up a delicious little chocolate drop called Penelope, who now proudly answers to the name Olive.  This lovely little 11-week-old pup moved in and made herself right at home and has been loving every moment of her new life with her fabulous mom, 9-year-old Yorkie brother, Aries, and new BDF, Lani.

Hilary filled us in on the adventures of Olive:

Olive has been a blessing and such a sweet and happy girl! We’ve already had so many “firsts.” We gave her a bath the first day home and she handled it so well! Her first car ride was a scary one, but we were there to support her and make her feel safe. Now she jumps in like a pro. She’s had her first day of puppy class and showed everyone how smart she is! She catches on so fast! The first time she went outside to the backyard on her own to potty was such an exciting time. We all cheered her on and gave her lots of treats! Her first snow day went great as she loves jumping and running through it! As much as she enjoys our walks, she would rather walk herself on a leash! And when she’s home she’s playing around with her friend Lani who loves her so much and they tire each other out. Her older brother Aries wasn’t too fond of a wild puppy running around but is slowly warming up to her. They’re found cuddling at night on the bed. Overall, it’s been so much fun being able to watch her grow and so excited for so many other “firsts!”