Miss Olive, a sweet four-month-old Lab pup needed rescuing, and was about to find her Safe Harbor.  She is every bit the soft, fun comical pup, you would expect, but she lacked a bit of confidence. That didn’t matter to Ford, Jennifer, and their kids, Brady, Sam and Henry.  This loving family couldn’t resist her puppy charms.  They were up for the task and thrilled to learn that Olive would make this family of five, a family of six!   Ford and Jennifer tell it best, as they sent us this update. olive-fka-misha

After receiving foster care from the fantastic SHLR volunteer Elena, we brought Olive home in early September.  She has a beautiful black coat, with just one or two white toes on each foot.  While timid and unsure at first, she is growing more comfortable with the sights and sounds of her new home.  Olive is wicked smart, and in a short time learned how to sit, stay, and shake hands.  She also learned the art of the stealth counter cruise, which we’re teaching her to unlearn.   How does she always seem to know when our attention is diverted for a second?

Olive has been a wonderful addition to our family of Ford, Jen, Brady, Sam, and Henry.  She has been very gentle and patient with our children, as they play with her in the yard and take her on walks.  We have brought her up to the mountains several times, and she is developing into a good hiking companion.  She’s not afraid to get her feet wet, but hasn’t shown in interest in taking a full-on swim, yet.

We want to thank all the volunteers and supporters of SHLR.  You all do amazing work, and we are very appreciative of being united with our sixth member of the family.  She has enriched our lives in such a short time, and we’re looking forward to many, many happy years together.