What has four legs and a tail, but only one shoe?  Why, it’s Laurie and Alan’s new kid, Ollie!  One-year-old Ollie is a lovely, looting Lab who specializes in showing off the family footwear, one piece at a time.  When his work is done, you’ll likely find Ollie hard at play with his seven-year-old Lab sis, Macy, or on the go with his wonderful new parents and human big sister. Despite his busy schedule, sweet Ollie sent a note to catch us up on the family news:“Hello! Ollie here. I’ve been at my new house for about a little over 2 months now, so I wanted to check in to say I love it here! I became best friends with my new sister right away. She looks just like me!  We have a whole basket full of toys, and we love to take them all out to decide which one we want. My parents keep talking about teaching us how to put them away, but I don’t know what that means. My favorite thing to do is go “shopping” in their closets to find a shoe to carry around. I don’t chew it, so my family just laughs when I bring a new one out. I’m so lucky to have found my new family, and they always tell me they’re lucky to have found me. Thanks SHLR for helping me find my new home!”Our thanks to Connie for fostering Ollie!