After losing their beloved 14-year-old Lab, Thelma, last year, Cindy and Jim recently decided they were ready to find a special pup to put the Lab back in their lives. Their search led them to a dashingly handsome 1.5-year-old boy named Onyx, who soon sealed the deal with a woof and a wag and a few sloppy Lab kisses. Onyx has settled right in and become part of the gang, and with one two-legged and two four-legged teenagers in the family now, along with a couple of kitties to round out the crew, there is never a dull moment in this lively home.

Cindy filled us in on the latest household high jinks starring Onyx and his brother Clyde, who have quickly become as thick as thieves:

You’ve heard of the famous outlaws, Bonnie and Clyde, right? The pair traveled through South Central U.S. on a robbery spree during the Great Depression. Well, we have our own dynamic duo, only our adorable pups are robbing us and our neighbors and friends of our hearts! We discovered Onyx via Safe Harbor in February and decided that he needed to be a part of our family and would make a great companion to our Clyde. Now we have Onyx and Clyde, who are two young fellas who love to wrestle and play all day long! Onyx is our gangly black lab who is just a lover boy, hoping to be loved and adored any time he is not being all boy with his new bestie, Clyde. Quite rambunctious, curious, and tall, he loves to steal off of counter tops, tables, and dressers. However, he is learning quickly where his toy box is and what defines an Onyx toy. Jet black and gorgeous like Black Onyx, we believe he was aptly named; he is our precious gem. We love our Onyx and are thrilled that Safe Harbor enabled us to be his forever home. Ummm… gotta go. Our Onyx and Clyde are a bit too quiet. Gotta see what they’re up to!