Onyx_201605_250pxThree’s a charm and our young Onyx is definitely a charmer! Sarah and Zach have added this eight-month-old black beauty to their family, where he joins two other SHLR alumni, four-year-old chocolate Lab, Charlie, and lovely black Lab girl, Raven. Onyx’s new world will be filled with family fun as he gets his first taste of the finer things in Lab life, including hiking, camping, and snuggling, as well as a soft comfy bed to curl up in at the end of each day.

Sarah and Zach write:

Onyx_201605_200pxOnyx is doing great with our little pack! He is still learning where he fits in but has been so good! He is a big goofy boy who loves to stick to our side no matter what we are doing. And he is so curious! So curious he ate a dust pile to see what it tasted like. Lol.

I am enclosing a couple of photos. One is all 3 dogs in the back of the truck at the ski lot passed out after lots of outside play. The other is Raven and Onyx taking a break from wrestling. They wrestle constantly and have really turned out to be awesome play buddies.