Darren, Joey, and their son, Colton, have added a handsome four-legged boy to their family. Young Oreo, (formerly Luke), is a 1 1/2-year-old bundle of Lab love and enthusiasm, and he’s studying up to learn how to be the very best pup ever. Oreo is a sociable fellow who lists playtime, making new friends, and hanging out with his fabulous new family, as his favorite pastimes; but he declined to comment when asked whether he also enjoyed chasing the family cat.

Oreo’s parents tell us that their new pup is settling in well and has made himself right at home: Oreo is a wonderful young boy. He needs a lot of training and he is working really hard. Oreo loves going on long walks and visiting the dog park is one of his favorite activities. We have introduced Oreo to snow shoeing. Oreo really loves the snow. At home Oreo loves to be close to us. The household resident cat is not fond of him and Oreo would leave the cat alone if she would just keep quiet and not make a scene when they are in the same room together. Oreo has found his forever home and we feel he is very happy here.