Dan wanted to skip the puppy phase and adopt a young adult Lab in need of a loving, fun-filled home. Orlando was looking for a fun human to take on daily walks, summer swims, and other random adventures. When these two found each other, they both knew they had met their match, and Dan soon welcomed a lifetime of love, laughs, and Lab antics into his heart and home.

Dan tells us: Orlando, Malcolm (my roommate) and I are getting along great. He is the most relaxed 2-year-old Lab I have ever been around. We are working on some manners, but overall he was very well trained when we got him. He is very well behaved while getting his dinner, even though he LOVES food. Speaking of food, it is all Lando wants or ever thinks about. He even tricked Malcolm into thinking he did not get fed one night, giving him puppy dog eyes staring back and forth between him and his bowl, so Malcolm fed him. Lando got two dinners that night…it is a serious addiction; however, it works in my favor because it makes training a lot easier.

He also loves going on walks and marking his territory EVERYWHERE. Also, he likes going rouge and the backyard gate has to stay shut or he will take himself on a walk…with me chasing him from behind. Still working on him coming back when called. Overall, he is an amazing pup, and I think he is enjoying his new place — he sure gets plenty of treats.