This rakish little rascal now answers to Otto and he has found his happily forever after with his new parents, Dana and Robin, and adorable wirehaired terrier sister, Copper.  Just six months old when he joined the family, young Otto is a lively and loving pup who can always be counted on to bring the fun wherever he goes. Dana tells us:Otto (formerly Rascal) is brimming with character!  He has not missed a beat since joining our family and settled right in with his new surroundings.  This little guy makes us laugh out loud every day.  He has not met a water source he does not like and carefully “inspects” each lawn watering nozzle we pass on our daily walks.  Joyfully exuberant with every task, he is quite the little helper around the house.  “Taking out” recycling (every cardboard box shrunk down to small pieces) and yard “clean-up” (hauling debris across the yard) are two of his favorites. He adores his new 9 year-old sister Copper and is learning there are different levels of play intensity depending on the size and age of his playmates.  The two play then snuggle up for naps together.  Otto has done great on the hikes we’ve done and got a camping trip under his belt already. He has met many new friends and loves them all!  Otto’s lab love of treats is working in our favor for training as he picks up commands quickly.  We’re still working on a few puppy-isms, but he is a really good pup.  Robin, Copper and I are so fortunate to have met Otto and have him join our family.  We look forward to building many Otto-isms and memories!Many thanks to Les and to Ronni for fostering Otto/Rascal!