Patch originally came to me as a SHLR foster pup. Due to an eye condition (all better now!), Patch was with me longer than expected and I ended up with my first ‘foster failure.’

Soon after having Patch for a little while, I knew he was quite a catch for a 1.5-year-old Lab. His calm, loving demeanor captures everyone’s heart! Patch goes everywhere with me. He loves exploring breweries, checking out parks, adventuring in the mountains, and cruising in the car. He became quite popular at our usual spots – I even ended up with a list of individuals who were interested in adopting him!

Patch absolutely loves humans (hangs out with them more at the park than his furry friends). All he wants to do is lay his head on your lap or lean on your legs, searching for a scratch on the head. Patch enjoys carrying his toy (a porcupine) around with him everywhere and uses it as a headrest when lying down.

Patch’s personality comes out a little more every day, always putting a huge smile on my face. He is currently LOVING eating fresh snow and practicing his downward dogs in your lap.

Once Patch hits two in April, I plan to train him to become an emotional support pup. He has so much unconditional love to give, and I know he would put a smile on many faces.