Little Patty trotted into Becky’s house as a foster pup and quickly made herself indispensable as the persistent cuddle buddy and fulltime shadow to the resident Lab, five-year-old Irish. Becky and Irish quickly knew that their hearts and family were ready to expand to make room for the lovable new kid to stay forever.

Becky tells us:

Patty is loving her new life in Denver with her big sister, Irish. Patty originally came from Texas at 11 weeks old and I was planning to foster her, but she and Irish bonded immediately and she stole my heart as well. Now, at nine months old, Patty and Irish are best friends — fetching balls (well Irish fetches balls and Patty fetches Irish), playing in the pool, chasing squirrels, playing with squeaky toys, and going on walks. And when they aren’t playing together, they’re snuggling together. Patty has always curled up right next to Irish. Irish used to get up and leave but then Patty would just follow and curl up with her again. Eventually Irish gave in and now they both love snuggling together. Patty is a complete joy and very loving and sweet, and Irish and I are lucky she came into our lives.