If you tried to tell Ms. Pearl that her new family members were failures, she would shake her pretty head and tell you just how perfectly perfect they really are.  But Steve, Ronda, and their 10 year-old Lab, Trapper, officially became foster failures shortly after this lovely Pearl of a Lab came to stay, and it sounds as if they are all pretty happy about the way things turned out.

Pearl’s new parents tell their story:  Ronda, Steve and Trapper (SHLR) were feeling lonely after the loss of their SHLR Lab Delaney. They have been long time SHLR foster parents–eight years and upwards of 60 Labs have come into their homes waiting for their forever home. Surprisingly they were all smitten and decided that Pearl would be their first foster failure. She was quickly adopted and settled into her forever home like she belonged. Pearl loves to play and tries to get Trapper involved, but being a stately older gentleman he declines. She is the life of the party at the dog park and doggie daycare! Pearl relishes her daily walks thinking each day is a new adventure.

Pearl is the fourth adoption from SHLR for Ronda and Steve. She follows in the paw prints of our beloved Scout, and Delany.  Acting as foster parents for the Labs waiting for their forever home is so important that Ronda, Steve, Trapper and Pearl will continue as a “fostering pack”.
Trapper and Pearl are pictured keeping the sofa warm for mom and dad. Trapper and Pearl