Lucky Penny found her forever home with Terry and Rob, and she’s been on the go ever since. This four-year-old lovely Lab lass now calls the mountains home, and a world of outdoor fun is waiting right outside her front door every day. Penny is polishing her manners, learning new tricks, and loving life in her mountain paradise, where just keeping up with her active, energetic, new parents is always an adventure!

Terry and Rob tell us:  We adopted Penny Lane (now named Penny) three weeks ago. She has come a long way from the first day of adoption where she pulled so badly on her leash to walking calmly on a slack leash. We love her to bits and she is extremely happy and loves being with us too. She knows her peeps and would never wander off. She loves being close to us.

Penny enjoys hiking, running and swimming, did a little SUP boarding, watched a July 4th parade — all off leash — enjoying every minute. She loves running off the dock for a ball. Here is my favorite video of her jumping off the dock for a ball.