Pepper is a spicy young Lab with places to go and people to see!  At about a year old, she’s still full of pup and pep, and her new parents, Aaron and Sarah, are having great fun teaching her new skills and trying to keep up with their lively girl as she enthusiastically explores the big wide world.
Aaron and Sarah report:  Pepper has settled right in to her new home. She is an affectionate and goofy young dog, and brings smiles to our faces every day with her antics. Pepper is also making sure we get our exercise, as she loves to play! She loves running around the backyard, playing fetch, tug-of-war, and taking turns chasing and being chased. We are working on walking nicely on the leash, but with so many new sights and smells around it is hard to remember not to pull or bark. In between walks and playtime, Pepper enjoys taking naps on her dog beds and watching the bunnies and birds out the windows.
Many thanks to Ladean for fostering Pepper!