There are world class soccer players, hot dog eaters and chess players, but we are honored to have a world class napper, Achilles! This 12.5-year-old gentleman has never met a dog bed he doesn’t love and relishes leisure over action. He’s an elegant rather tall pup and a perfect 77 pounds. Achilles comes to us from a military family moving to housing that did not allow them to bring their life-long best friend.

Achilles loves watching the world go by from his bed in front of the window, followed by a good nap on another bed, and then taking a short walk to sniff out some good smells and bark a greeting to a dog across the street. He’s fine with free roam of the home when you’re away, house trained, knows sit and walks nicely on leash. Achilles lived the good life with a family that included both adults and children. He also shared his home with dogs and a cat. Achilles is a friendly guy who is affectionate and independent, but also very cooperative. His favorite things are being groomed and cared for, being the center of attention, being loved on and naps.

As a gent of a certain age, he has some arthritis and takes common daily medications to feel his best. He will need a home with very few or no stairs. If there are slick floor surfaces to traverse, he would appreciate a rug to avoid slipping. “I don’t hear quite so well as I used to, so I’m not ignoring you. A gentle tap to wake me or get my attention is appreciated!” Achilles enjoys car rides, but he’ll need you to lift him in or have him use a ramp (we will provide one for his new family). We treated Achilles to a dental to brighten up his smile and eliminate some painful teeth. He tells us meals are definitely a more delightful experience!

His foster mom adds:

“Achilles is the most mellow dog that I have EVER seen. He is in his retirement years and loves to sleep and watch the day go by. If I move one of his beds near me, he will come lay by me. He loves pets and will ‘paw’ you if you stop.

“Achilles would love a mellow family that has beds, lots of beds, to choose from. 95% of his time he is laying down and he likes to make a selection. He would do well with someone who works away from home but includes him when they are home. His family needs to commit to continuing his medication.”