Miss Blackberry is a happy well-socialized nine month old Lab puppy born on Super Bowl Sunday. She’s a smaller girl who weighs about 45 pounds. Her mom was a chocolate Lab and her dad was a black Lab. She comes to us from a family who was not able to keep her.

Our friendly and affectionate pup is loving life in her foster home! She’s house trained, crate trained, is proud to know sit! so far, and is a most joyful greeter. Leash manners are pretty good, and she enjoys riding in the car. Miss B. loves playing with her foster siblings and is an easy-going friend to other dogs. She’s not met any cats, but the chase is on with small critters. Favorite activities include: Pulling all the toys out of the toy box, playing and being around her foster siblings, looking out the window to watch the world go by, and approved chewables.

Her foster family tells us more:

“Blackberry is all puppy! The world is a surprise. She is typically calm, and will join in the excitement when there is something going on. She loves attention and being loved, and will let you know she wants more. We love her goofy puppy antics. She will always make you laugh. What a great way to start each day. She wants to please, although sometimes the temptation of that dirty sock is just too great.

“Each morning is Christmas for her at our house. She goes out to go potty, then heads right over to the toy box. She grabs her first selection of the day, just a little different than yesterday’s. All you see is a blur flying by. She finds her spot to enjoy her toy. As you reach for your morning coffee, you hear those little pitter patter feet run across the floor for her next selection, and again until the box is empty – then it’s nap time.

“Our family enjoys time together in the evening. With two dogs, mom and dad there is little room left on the couch. ‘There’s no room for me!” exclaims’ little Miss B. She looks at the situation, and without skipping a beat says, ‘That’s OK, I am fine right here on top of my foster brother!’ So her new spot when there is no room on the couch, is to climb up and lay on top of her foster brother or sister with her arms wrapped around.

“The best home for Miss B? She would do well in an active family where someone is home most of the time. She still has a lot to learn so time and patience to work with her will set her up for great things to come!”