Project Description

Bonnie and Clyde are a pair of senior hooligans whose biggest heist is gonna be to steal your heart! Bonnie is about eight years old and Clyde is about ten years old. When not out stealing hearts with their friendly ways, they’ve been busy keeping their membership in the Clean Plate Club up to date. Miss Bonnie tips the scale at 94 pounds; she should be about 75 pounds. Clyde, who won’t blow away in a strong wind, weighs in at 114 pounds. He’s looking at a goal in the mid 80’s. Their foster mom is an expert at helping our chubby Labs lose weight through a careful diet and exercise regime that includes walks and swimming.
Bonnie and Clyde were well-loved and have been together most of their lives; they will be placed together. They came to us after their owner passed away.

These two pups are house trained, use a doggie door and are fine with free roam of the home when you are home as well as away. They know some commands and faves include walks and, you guessed it, treats. Bonnie and Clyde get along well with everyone big and small, young and old. They are friendly with other dogs, although Clyde doesn’t like other dogs messing with his dinner dish. Both are calm and easy going as well comfortable in their own fur. All in all they are very pleasant, non demanding company.

Like many mature Labs they have some arthritis, Clyde more so than Bonnie. A daily medication and supplement keep them comfortable. Losing weight will also make a significant difference in their comfort. A family who enjoys moderate exercise with their Labs will be best. We treated both to a dental; be prepared for pearly white smiles greeting you when you come to visit.
So make a date to meet Bonnie and Clyde . . . but hold onto your heart! They’re sure to steal it before you know it!

Please CLICK HERE if you are interested in adopting Bonnie and Clyde.