Project Description

Miss Cardi is one fun pup!  She’s just barely a year old, a trim 60 ish pounds and eager to please, playful, affectionate, and friendly with all.  A Good Samaritan found her abandoned in the Kansas countryside and got her safely to our rescue partner.

Our pretty girl is house trained, crate trained, knows some commands, and walks well on leash with a Gentle Leader. Her foster mom notes: “She is very good about sitting still to get her Gentle Leader and leash put on – she knows the reward for waiting is a fun time!  She was quick to learn to ‘wait’ for her food bowl to be put down before she can eat.  She’s attentive and learns really fast and would be a joy to train!”

While Cardi enjoys her ever-changing dog pals at doggie daycare, she needs to be the only dog in your home.  “I’ll admit it: I’m a princess!”  She wags. Cats are delighted she is indifferent to them.

More from her foster mom:

 “Cardi is a sweet, energetic girl filled with enthusiasm who craves affection and attention. She’s an active youngster who needs mental and physical stimulation – like most young ones she can get into mischief and make her own fun if she gets bored!  Approved chewables, kind leadership, structure, positive-oriented training and daily exercise are musts to bring out her best.”

Cardi asked us to mention she came to us with a broken shoulder, possibly from being hit by a car and was also shot at; her x-rays show some small bullets.  Our surgeon repaired her shoulder. Our rehab vets counsel she will develop some arthritis in this shoulder as she ages and have started her on periodic Adequan injections that can be done at home to mitigate the effects. Our pup will always have a slight limp.

A happy lovable character ready to light up your life with her fun and playful ways, Miss Cardi is hoping you’ll invite her to sit and stay with you forever!