Project Description

Miss Chloe is a sweetheart who is happy, engaging and loves people! She’s about seven years old and on the Rubenesque side at 69 pounds. Since she’s a pup with a smaller frame, our vet advised she should weigh about 55 pounds. “Diet and exercise, my friend,” he smiled to which she responded, “I know I shall surely starve!”  Chloe lived outside with a small doghouse for shelter until her family moved away and no longer wanted her. A vet heard of her plight and got her safely to a rescue partner.

Chloe has just joined us and we’re still getting acquainted but can tell you she’s super sweet and a keeper! She’s well socialized, friendly and would love to crawl into your lap. Chloe gets along with other dogs, but no cats for our girl, please. Chloe, as her waistline shows, loves treats – needs to work on taking them gently though. She’s an eager beaver on leash and a bit mum so far on the commands she may know. Since she lived outside, she’ll welcome your patience as she adjusts to the comforts of your warm, loving home.

Stay tuned for more info on this sweet happy girl! But why wait? She’d love to meet you and get acquainted!