Project Description

I’m excited to tell the whole wide world that I’m ready for my forever home! Even though I’m not quite two years old, I’ve had quite a journey in my short life to finally arrive at this very happy place in my life.  More about that in a minute . . .

So, I suppose you’d like to know more about me before you clip on a leash and take me home! I’m a sleek 70-pound Lab with maybe a tad of Shepherd tossed in.  My foster mom tells everyone I’m a sweet, sweet boy who’s happy, playful, affectionate, and friendly with everyone.  A ‘love sponge’ who likes to cuddle, that’s what she calls me.  On car rides you’ll find my nose out the window catching the breeze. And yes, I’m house trained and crate trained. There are lots of dogs in my foster home and we all get along great – I love to play and play!  I love toys and bones too.  Being a get-along kind of pup, even the cat likes me.  Now I must be honest: while I get an A+ for my recess talents, I’m looking forward to learning my basic commands. Speaking of recess, check out this video of me swimming with my pals.

My foster mom’s going to jump in here and tell you more:

“Connor has been through a lot in his young life and is still a very happy dog.  He’s resilient, loving and blossoming every day. He came to Safe Harbor as a stray from a crowded, under-resourced rural Arkansas shelter with few adopters; his lower leg had been damaged as a puppy. Soon after arrival he had orthopedic surgery to correct the injury as much as possible. Connor wears a brace on his front leg when he is going to be active. He took to it immediately. He’s fully ambulatory without it, but his right leg is shorter than his left and the brace with a lift evens out the difference for playing.

“To add insult to injury, Connor also tested positive for heartworms. He’s finished his treatment; between that and his surgery recovery he had to be kept quiet for several months. He’s been cleared by the vets for adoption and to say he’s finally loving romping, wrestling, and frolicking with all the other dogs here is an understatement!  Here is Connor swimming with his pals!

“Connor will thrive in a home that will provide structure and have patience. He is young and willing and ready for training. He would do best if there was another dog for him to play with and learn from. He has tons of potential to be a great dog and companion!”

 . . . and that’s my story.  Now let’s go home!

NOTE: Connor’s medical team included veterinarians and surgeons at VCA Alameda East Veterinary Hospital, Red Sage Integrative Veterinary Partners, and VCA Northern Colorado Veterinary Specialists; and medical recovery care at The Canine Health Resort.