Ellie Mae is a beautiful, affectionate, happy and well socialized nine-month-old Lab born on Super Bowl Sunday. She tips the scale at a perfect 60 pounds. Her mom was a chocolate Lab and her dad was a black Lab. Ellie Mae comes to us from a family who could not keep her because they had too many dogs.

Ellie Mae is having the time of her life in her foster home! She’s playing with and learning from a whole variety of dogs there. A friendly and typically curious pup she gets along well with all the other dogs. Not sure about cats. Ellie Mae takes treats gently, rides well in the car and is an enthusiastic people-loving greeter. She’s house trained, crate trained and pretty good on leash. Her faves? Playing with other dogs and being an affectionate pup, she loves cuddles and attention. Toys and approved chewables are great fun; retrieving is a bit of mystery so far.

Her foster mom adds:

“I like that Ellie loves whatever she is doing and whoever she is doing it with. Ellie is a bit on the submissive side with other dogs and deferential to them. She takes kind correction well and soaks up praise. She is happy, willing to learn and so much wants to please, but needs some structure in her life.

“The best home for Ellie? She definitely needs to have at least one other dog in her family. She needs her family to be gentle and tender. She would not do well with a loud boisterous bunch. She would wilt with a dominant canine or human. She needs a fair amount of exercise, but she is not high energy. She would love cuddling and getting lots of attention. I think with some patience and training and affection, Ellie will blossom into a confident, adventurous girl. She is a very sweet girl and a joy!”

Note: A six-foot privacy fence is required in Ellie Mae’s forever home.