Project Description

Like his grey-haired wizard namesake, 11.5-year-old Gandalf is warm and eager in spirit. As far as wizard wisdom goes, our Gandalf is, well, a Lab more into being forever young than wise! With his seek black coat, he’s a very handsome pup at about 90 pounds. He was a stray and came to us from a rescue partner.

Gandalf is a friendly, gentle, and affectionate gent who enjoys a daily walk and a good nap. He’s house trained, enjoys free roam of the home when his foster mom is away, knows sit and stay, and is a quiet companion in the car. Everyone is greeted politely. Gandalf loves his walks but hold on if he spies a bunny or a squirrel! He gets along well with other dogs, no cats, please!

More from his foster mom:

“Gandalf has such an easy going and patient nature. He is a very sweet boy. He welcomes attention but does not particularly seek it out. The perfect home for him will be with people who want a quiet, affectionate companion. He can be a bit of a lazy bones and will spend some short time in the yard but prefers to come in and nap in the house. He will do best with a family that will take him for daily walks. He loves them and prances with excitement when he knows they are in the offing! He’s no lazy bones on the leash – he steps right out and loves taking in all the sights, sounds and sniffs of our neighborhood!”

Gandalf the Wizard of Lord of the Rings fame famously remarks: “We all have to decide what to do with the time given us.” Our Gandalf the Lab woofs: “Hmmm . . . I think I’d like to spend all my time with you!”