Project Description

Miss Harlow quickly stole her foster parents’ hearts: “Such a doll! Sweet. Snuggly. She ran around a lot with our dogs after we brought her home and claimed a dog bed as her own pretty quick. Hopped up between my husband and me on the couch last night and conked out soaking up all of the love.” She’s about 1.5 years old and perfect 50 pounds. Before being taken in by a Good Samaritan, Miss Harlow was a stray fending for herself, but welcomed human kindness.

She is doing beautifully in her foster home where she’s mastered the dog door, shown off her “sit” for a treat and relishes playing with her foster brother. She’s a bit cautious on walks, stopping to check and make sure all is well, before moving on. It’s clear she will thrive in a home with another dog to show her “life is good” from a dog’s eye view. Harlow loves toys, and being a typical youngster, you’ll want to have a good supply of approved chewables. Cats prefer she lives elsewhere. A six-foot fence is required in her new home.

Perhaps because Harlow had to fend for herself, she is very protective of food from other dogs. To avoid any misunderstandings, she will be placed in a home with adults only. Her foster mom manages this situation:

“She loves canine company, except around food (or where she thinks there is a food opportunity). Definitely needs to be fed separate. Seems to like the privacy of having her food put in a kennel (door open), even without other dogs around. To avoid growls and disagreements about the idea of food nearby, we’re not letting her and our other dogs in the kitchen at the same time.”

A little girl who loves to sleep all night right next to your bed, play the day away with a dog pal, lay by your feet as you work or watch a movie, and soak up all the love you can give, that’s Miss Harlow!

Please note: Miss Harlow only will be placed in (1) a home with a six-foot fence, (2) no cats (3) another good-natured dog, and (4) an adults only family who understands and is committed to managing her food guarding issue.

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