Project Description

Jack is a character! Energetic, goofy and with a few tricks up his paw like “High 5”, “Shake” and “Roll Over”, he’ll be a great buddy for an active family that loves to do things with their pup.  Jack is a beautiful fox-red Lab who’s about four years old, and a svelte 60 ish pounds. His Kansas family left him at a shelter when they were no longer able to care for him.

Jack is house trained, knows his basic commands, is eager to learn and please, and adores treats which he takes nicely.  Speaking of adoration, Jack has never met a stranger.  He’s an affectionate Lab who will sit between your knees and loves having you rub his paw.  He’s an on-the-go guy on the leash who does best with an Easy Walk style harness.  While fine meeting other dogs on walks, he has a very rough, dominant play style with other dogs; to avoid misunderstandings, he needs to be your only dog and would NOT be suitable for dog parks.  A six foot fence is required in his forever home.

Jack is an “American Lab” who was bred to be an active hunting dog, and typical of that line of the breed, he’s got a lot of energy and is smart.  An active family that has the time and can make the commitment to providing Jack with leadership, structure, daily exercise and continued training will be the right one for him.  He might enjoy a daily run with his new family.

When we asked Jack about his faves, he was quick to woof: “People!! Oh and tennis balls, chasing balls, roughing up toys, ice cubes and carrots too. Baths and getting dried with the blow drier are a hoot!  I love sitting in your lap on the floor and getting belly rubs.  Sometimes I think the world is made for petting and loving on me!”

A top candidate for “Mr. Personality of the Year”, we bet when you meet Jack he’ll get your vote in a heartbeat!

Please CLICK HERE if you are interested in adopting Jack.