Project Description

There is absolutely everything to love about Joe! Not only does he love warm crunchy Tater Tots for a special treat, but he loves to retrieve, and is a quiet and gentle friend to all. He’s around eight years old, tips the scale at 68 pounds and was left at a shelter when his family’s circumstances changed.

Joe has impressed his foster mom as a most lovable, companionable, and accommodating pup. He’s house trained, knows a variety of commands, is a polite greeter and walks pretty well on leash. While there is not another dog in his foster home, he was reported by the former owner and shelter staff to be good with other dogs. Encounters on walks have been agreeable. He’s been kind to the older cat in his foster home.

More from Joe’s foster mom:

“I love Joe’s quiet gentleness, easy-going personality, and just excellent behavior in the car so he can come with me as I run errands or go for a drive.  He’s a very quiet, gentle boy, smart with a remarkably gentle temperament. His favorite activities so far are sleeping, lots of short walks, and hanging out in the kitchen as I cook or clean. He also likes to retrieve a tennis ball and can be a bit of a clown when he brings it back, playing around and dropping the ball on the ground and then batting it around with his feet!

“While Joe likes to be near me, he is not at all demanding; I think he’s mostly looking for companionship and reassurance. He does love to be petted and have his coat gently brushed with a soft brush. So far, no counter surfing, but he tried to sneak some cat food a couple of times!

“The best forever home for Joe?  A quiet household with mature people who will worship him, dote on him, and treat him like the gem of a dog he is; a house with a yard to accommodate his love of chasing the tennis ball, too. And if you have Tater Tots handy, that would be a plus!”

NOTE: Joe is being treated for chronic ear infections, common for Labs and Lab mixes. His new family must be committed and attentive to keeping them clean and healthy.

If you are interested in adopting Joe, click here.