Project Description

From stray puppy to jetsetter . . . that’s our Louie!   A nine-month-old passenger weighing 44 pounds, he buckled his seatbelt in Arkansas and was soon winging his way to Colorado with a volunteer pilots Eric and Bryan with Pilots N Paws.  Upon arrival, jet black Louie wagged: “You might be surprised to learn that a DNA test shows one of my parents was a Golden Retriever and the other was a Golden Retriever mix! Guess I’m a purebred wannabe Lab!”

Louie is a people-loving pup with a great attitude who was well cared for by his foster home before coming to us.  He’s an energetic, affectionate little guy who loves to run, fetch, and play in the water. He’ll always take time out for a belly rub!  Louie really enjoys other dogs and, while he chased some cats in his foster home, there was one who became his best friend and they would hang out together. He walks pretty well on leash, knows sit and is eager to learn and please. Louie is happy to share his toys and people, but he feels strongly about his bones and makes it clear to other dogs: “It’s paws off my bones!”

The perfect home for Louie? An active family that has the time and is committed to providing him with the exercise he so enjoys – hikes, long walks, endless games of fetch, another family dog to romp with; all are welcome! They will also need to be committed to providing the kind leadership, structure and positive-oriented training a youngster needs. A typical retriever, Louie needs a good supply of approved chewables too.

Louie, our jet-setting pup, would love to land at your home and sit and stay forever!

Please CLICK HERE if you are interested in adopting Louie.