Project Description

A friendly, affectionate and all around delightful best friend, Noah is about eight-years-old and tips the scale at 77 pounds. He was a country stray who comes to us from a Kansas shelter partner.

His foster dad tells us Noah is a pretty chill guest around the house. He’s house trained, crated trained, knows some basic commands, rides nicely in the car and is a happy greeter who keeps four-on-the-floor. He relishes praise and petting, and is super food motivated. He gets along well with other dogs inside the home; cats prefer he reside elsewhere. Noah is a friendly people-lover through and through, and one who is very eager to please. He relishes attention, petting and brushing. “And add a good nap to that list too!” he woofs.

Noah’s foster dad remarks: “He is an easy, friendly, relaxed dog in the house and backyard. He’s happy to lie around near me most of the time. He is not pushy or demanding. He is not destructive, doesn’t counter surf, and does fine in a crate when I’m away. In fact, when he is relaxed, he is one of the easiest dogs I’ve ever fostered.

“His behavior on a leash, however, can be really challenging when there are other dogs around (even across the street). He can be very reactive and is also is a strong puller. I think he will do best in a home where the family is happy to have him hang around the house and yard with them, and is not so interested in taking him on leash walks. Overall he’s pretty mellow and happy to laze around the house, and then have a bit of run around time in the backyard.”

If you’re a homebody like me, I can’t wait to meet you! Let’s plan a lifelong “staycation” together!

To set Noah and his new family up for success, his adopter will be required to attend: (1) a Reactive Dog class at Terroux Dog Training which focuses on control, counter-conditioning, desensitization, and identifying triggers that cause a dog to react when on leash, and (2) a basic obedience class at Terroux Dog Training. The cost of these will be reimbursed to the adopter after notification of successful completion by Terroux Dog Training.

Please CLICK HERE if you are interested in adopting Noah.