Oakley is a big chocolate love! An exceeding handsome and delightfully engaging purebred Lab, he’s an active 9.5 years old and tips the scale at 81 pounds. Oakley was well-loved by his family since he was a wee pup, but their circumstances changed and they asked us to find a forever home for this charmer.

Oakley, who might remind you of a bear cub, is house trained, crate trained (he likes to go in on his own during the day for a rest), knows some basic commands, and is a very happy greeter who keeps his paws earthbound. On the leash he is very strong and for walks you will need an Easy Walk front clip type harness. Oakley gets along well with both dogs and cats.

A true Lab, he’s super friendly, energetic and a tad mischievous. His faves include any and all outdoor activities especially swimming, running, and retrieving. Affectionate Oakley loves a belly rub! He’s also a pup who craves being close to his people and having a paw in all they’re up to. His inner puppy still likes a good ‘chew’.

“Here I am romping in the backyard!” he wags.

His foster mom adds:

“Oakley is super affectionate and sweet. He takes treats softly and loves to go on walks. Whoever adopts him must be home more than gone and understand he needs a lot of consistency to feel secure in his new circumstances. I think he would enjoy another dog in the home. He is a dear soul and will be a great addition to a family.”

Note: Like many mature Labs, Oakley has a bit of arthritis in his hips and takes a daily supplement to feel his best.