Project Description

Four-year-old Odie is a “Silver” Lab who’s a happy guy from nose to tail and a firm believer in the saying “Life is Good!” At 69 pounds he’s just right. Odie came to a shelter partner as a neglected stray. Since his ears and skin needed special attention from the neglect he endured, they called us to help.

Odie is a very social dog who loves everyone big and small! He’s indifferent to cats and gets along well with other easygoing dog pals. Odie is house trained, crate trained, fine with free roam of the house and knows some basic commands. Daily walks and runs through a pasture with a big group of dogs in his foster home is something he really enjoys. Other faves include hanging out with his people and chewing on sticks and bones.

His foster mom adds:  “Odie is a very loving dog, a real “love sponge,” and will adore whoever is lucky enough to have him in their family. He relishes being with his people and usually sticks close by. He will follow you around the house and lay by your feet if you’re sitting down. Odie would be fine as an only dog (if not left alone all day and is exercised a lot) or in a household with one or two good-natured dogs.”

When you meet Odie you’ll notice his body doesn’t have a whole lot of fur. After a visit to the CSU dermatologist we learned he has “color dilution alopecia.” When trying to achieve a silver coat color (which is a variant of a chocolate coat), careless breeding practices lead to a genetic problem with the ability of the hair follicle to grow new hair. The cute silver Lab puppy can be pretty much hair-free by the time they’re a year old. Hair re-growth is unlikely. “Want a fun-loving non-shedding dog? Hey, that’s me!” woofs Odie.

Uniquely handsome and totally lovable, Odie hopes he’ll soon be going home to sit and stay with you forever!

Please CLICK HERE if you are interested in adopting Odie.